Interview: Ginger Jenkins

June 27, 2019   ●   by Shelby Mohammad


Shelby Davis, employee of ApSeed, interviewed Ginger Jenkins. Ginger is the director for Price Head Start in Rowan County. Price Head Start has over 140 children attending their pre-school. Price has been using ApSeed’s Seedling readers for almost 3 years.

The interview is highlighting the importance and impact the Seedling has made and continues to make.

Shelby: Have you noticed a difference in children’s behavior?

Ginger: “I have noticed that children who need a breather from the whole group can turn on a Seedling, work on an app to regroup themselves, and then they go and rejoin with the class.”

Shelby: What do you, as a director, think about the Seedling?

Ginger: “That it is a great tool to enhance the way children learn. It incorporates hands-on, visual, and auditory lessons which is important because children learn in different ways.”

Shelby: Has the Seedling made an educational difference?

Ginger: “I believe so. Children have a chance to use technology in a positive way to enhance their learning. The socio-emotional skills that have happened was a pleasant surprise. I knew it would develop their cognitive abilities.”

Shelby: What are some testimonials parents tell you?

Ginger: “That the Seedling has helped their child focus on a task. That parents have noticed that their child can identify more numbers and letters since using the Seedling on a frequent basis.”

Shelby: What ways, if any, have you incorporated the Seedling into the school’s curriculum?

Ginger: “It has been added to the lesson plan and teachers use the apps that corresponds with what they are teaching (letters, numbers, shapes, etc.).”

Shelby: What improvements can we make?

Ginger: “Incorporating some newer apps.”

Shelby: In your opinion, is the Seedling helping these children get ready for Kindergarten.

Ginger: “Yes, the apps that are loaded on the Seedling reinforces what our teachers are teaching in the classroom. It is also helping children develop a sense of confidence when they complete a task and it tells them ‘way to go’ or ‘great job.’ The children are also developing their social skills when using the Seedling. They work together, help each other, and even turn completing tasks into a competition.”

The interview was very successful question and answer. Ginger mentioned wanting newer apps. We have already began looking for a parent app, a baby/infant app, and a bi-lingual app.

Ginger provided us with much needed feedback!

Shelby Mohammad

Shelby Mohammad