Preschoolers have fun (& learn skills for school!)

ApSeed helps ensure ALL kids have access to learn the skills they need to be kindergarten-ready. The custom-build Seedling is preloaded with fun, educational apps to fill their growing minds.

Plant Seedlings

ApSeed touchpads prepare children to be kindergarten-ready by teaching them the foundations of literacy (letters, numbers, shapes, and colors).

ApSeed’s goal is to get these custom-built touchpads in the hands of all pre-schoolers. Since 2016, the organization has delivered more than 16,000 Seedlings – free of charge – to children in North and South Carolina, New York City, and even as far away as Zimbabwe.

Grow learners

Distributed to families through partner childcare providers, school districts, and local or state agencies, the free take-home Seedling cultivates young scholars by helping them learn their letters, numbers, shapes, and colors at home or on the go. There’s no need for WiFi or internet connection – and the Seedling doesn’t have a camera – so these touchpads are a safe, secure (and fun!) tool.

The yield is clear: In one North Carolina school district alone, preschoolers attending programs at Title 1 (high poverty and high opportunity) schools that used their Seedling recently showed a 131% improvement in literacy skills in just nine months.

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