We can change the course of a child's life

These games get results

Every child deserves to succeed and ApSeed is boosting kindergarten readiness – especially for children impacted by poverty – by planting the seeds of learning inside fun apps and games. 

ApSeed created its proprietary Seedling touchpad to disrupt the potential educational delays caused by poverty, helping the youngest learners grow and bloom. Each Seedling – a free, take-home touchpad – is pre-loaded wth learning games. We distribute Seedlings through our partners, who are most often the childcare agencies and community advocates on the front lines of service.


Children born into poverty are less likely to be school-ready, which can stunt their opportunities for growth before they even know their ABCs. This affects any student burdened by poverty but disproportionately impacts children of color.


ApSeed plants knowledge in all the youngest of learners – both in the U.S. and globally – through custom-built touchpads called Seedlings, which are packed with interactive educational apps.


Distributed to families through partner childcare providers, school districts, and local or state agencies, the take-home Seedling cultivates young scholars by helping them learn their letters, numbers, shapes, and colors at home or on the go.

Return on investment (ROI)

ApSeed's goal is to take the initial investment in preschoolers and watch it multiply and pay dividends over the child's entire life. Here's how:

Plant the seeds of learning in preschoolers

Prepare them for kindergarten

Improve annual assessment results for the child in grades K-3

Decrease remediation costs

Positively impact high school graduation rates

Boost earning potential & economic mobility

Change the trajectory of their life

Driven by data

Every child deserves to succeed: ApSeed disrupts the potential educational delays caused by poverty, helping the youngest learners grow and bloom.

Seedlings work. Here are some sample results from partner programs in North Carolina:

  • Davie County: 71% to 86%
  • Rowan County: number recognition jumped from 21% to 83%
  • Lexington County: 45% increase in testing scores in just nine months
  • Union County:
  • Yadkin County:

We need your support

Our data and impact metrics prove the Seedling educational touchpads make a powerful, measurable impact on the lives of children. The Seedlings cost a family nothing – not even WiFi is needed. But we can only continue this work with your support.

It's not a "one and done" distribution model either: There are new preschoolers in need each school year. The need doesn't stop but our impact will if we can't continue to build and distribute these powerful touchpads. Please, become a supporter today.