ApSeed Update:

November 15, 2019   ●   by Greg Alcorn

If you can make it…

Maybe we can make a Broadway play about early childhood education.  I know 75 children who could be stars and sleep at home.

Our delivery of 3,000 more Seedling touchpads will be completed in a couple weeks.  We received 500 by rush shipment and the other 2,500 are due the first week in December.  This timing is important.  First, we want to “saturate” Chester County and Fort Mill by year end.  And, second, we want to start our new partner – Yadkin County!!

Yadkin County is ready!  They are “following the book” starting with funding, school support, county leadership, health department, Smart Start, Head Start – everybody is ready!  We have 1,000 Seedlings allocated for Yadkin and will coordinate distribution in December.  Thank you, Prim Family Foundation for funding and School Supt. Todd Martin and County Mgr. Lisa Hughes for leadership.

We received VERY favorable results from Davie County’s school system.  The Kindergarten-ready pass rates are WAY up!  This year, 86% of the evaluated children passed.  In 2017, the rate was 71%.  Much of this result is due to Davie County Schools’ concentration of Pre-K professional development.  ApSeed started distributing Davie Seedlings in early 2018.   We are not sure how much ApSeed’s program influenced this fantastic result.  We may know eventually, but in the meantime, we’re ecstatic!  Thank you, Mebane Foundation for guidance and long-term commitment.

Finally, you may know our company, GCS, has a location in Queens, New York.  If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.  Right?  Ten blocks from our office is a large housing project with a Head Start.  On November 25th, Western Queens Head Start will receive 75 Seedlings for their Pre-schoolers.  Hopefully, our NYC employees can visit the Head Start and we can have a nice community partnership.  This initiative is made possible by New York artist, Kevin Moss, who is also world famous for being from Salisbury.  Plus, he’s a lifelong friend.

More later.  Distribution and data collection should be in full swing and ready for a terrific 2020!

Greg Alcorn

Greg Alcorn