Why not now?!

March 30, 2020   ●   by Greg Alcorn


So much is moving at ApSeed, it’s hard to pause for an update. So, why not now?

New York’s Head Start pilot program just released their first, fantastic report.  In early January, ten children who were BELOW expectation were chosen to use the Seedling touchpad for math.  By late February, nine of ten (9 of 10) children scored MEETING expectation in math.  Boom!

This week, we are delivering 130 Seedlings to Lexington, NC to help prepare their children for kindergarten.  When parents sign up their children for Pre-K and Kindergarten this Spring, they will receive a Seedling and teaching (dual audience) instructions.

In Rowan County, we have partnered with Communities in Schools (CIS) to provide Seedlings to after-school programs in three elementary schools.  Thanks to CIS Exec. Director, Ron Turbyfill, and his Duke Energy grant.

Also in Rowan, ApSeed is working with Knollwood Elementary reaching English Second Language (ESL) families with home visits and special event involvement.  We’re experimenting with an ApSeed booth at the local Flea Market.  Who knew?  Knollwood is over 30% ESL and has an all-star team of talented, passionate teachers and administrators.  School Supt., Dr. Lynn Moody, introduced us.

We have agreed to provide Seedlings to a school in Robeson County, NC.  Southside-Ashpole is an elementary school under the new Innovative School District initiative in NC.  Like Lexington, we will provide Seedlings during Pre-K sign-up day in April.

Yadkin County has wasted NO time in promoting and distributing touchpads.  Initial feedback has been favorable with over half of the 1,000 Seedlings already in action.  Rowan, Davie, Chester, Fort Mill and New York are also doing great.

We are building 2,000 more Seedlings for delivery in May.  Like each previous version, Seedling 5.0 will remain focused on literacy skills via apps chosen by educators.

That’s enough for now.  Lots happening toward achieving higher scores from the next generation. Why not now?!

Greg Alcorn

Greg Alcorn