Offline learning at Home

May 21, 2020   ●   by Greg Alcorn

Gosh!  Has it been that long?  Last ApSeed update was written over two months ago.  We remain focused on preparing children for kindergarten.  Using the Seedling at home is helping achieve that result.  The Seedling has NO internet connection, so any family can benefit.  Here are some updates.

We are adding a “coloring” application to the Seedling.  The touchpad allows for tracing and selecting colors to teach the child through creative, interactive methods.  With this app, children can paint, share, store their work.  This builds self-esteem, too.

Speaking of building, we have 2,000 more touchpads and protective covers in the pipeline and are preparing for the next wave of very young users.  This next batch of Seedlings will “boot up” faster and quieter and have the new Coloring program. Our co-founder, Erik Lipscomb, continues to make every version better and better.

As mentioned before, our Head Start program in New York City is very engaged with their children.  All children have their own Seedling at home and educators are measuring progress at month end.  Stay tuned for a press release or article about this program’s results.

We recently had a request from Rev. Timothy Bates to share a Seedling with a friend’s child with autism.  After one week, the boy’s father shared HIS delight.  The Seedling is now the go-to activity.  The son requested Seedlings for his classmates, so we immediately sent thirty (30) touchpads to two classes.  This venture will be watched very closely to see if there is value to supporting autistic children.  I hope so.

Most other programs are either on auto-pilot or in a holding pattern.  Get the airplane analogy?  The W.I.C. centers are open and providing new and replacement Seedlings to parents.  The Knollwood, Robeson and Communities in School programs should be ready when the time comes.

That’s enough for now.

Greg Alcorn

Greg Alcorn