What’s Old is New

October 6, 2020   ●   by Greg Alcorn

ApSeed Education borrows GCS model to reach parents.

I always wanted to start a community shed.  A place where the neighborhood could store those tools and toys you only use occasionally.  Things like pressure washers, luggage racks, chain saws, nose hair trimmers – all the things that could be purchased once and shared by all.  Okay, not the nose thing.

That’s the hub-and-spoke method of ApSeed.  One place where we can manage Seedling distribution and feedback.  Since the pandemic, we don’t have the hubs so we have to improvise.  Recently, our for-profit company, GCS, did a major pivot to Work-from-Home agents.  In doing so, we added a new Amazon telephone system.

Erik Lipscomb and Shelby Davis asked if ApSeed could use this system to contact parents and ask our survey questions.  Of course, it’s in the shed and has capacity to do a gazillion contacts!!  The calls have been a huge success and the parents are providing inspirational feedback.  Plus, when we hear a Seedling is broken, we remind the parent of our “no questions ask” replacement policy.

Sometimes a better design can be achieved with LESS technology.  Phone conversations with parents provides an opportunity for MORE info/feedback than an automated form.  Nice example of old school process solving a modern demand.

Other updates:  Our next version of the Seedling is still in the R&D mode.  Our Queens New York results have been outstanding.  Our hero board member, Dr. Lynn Moody announced her school system retirement, fundraising continues and we are poised for the next round of Pre-K children to receive their Seedlings.

Let me know if you have something for the community shed.  More later.

Greg Alcorn

Greg Alcorn