May 10, 2022   ●   by Greg Alcorn

Test scores help to evaluate the group of students who use the Seedlings with those students who do not use the Seedlings. Also, the testing shows the changes/progress of each group. The testing periods are Winter, and Spring Fall. General progress is expected with the 4k student as the year progresses.With our Seedling touchpads, we measure incremental improvements in overall scores.

For example, if a pre-ApSeed class had 40% of the children meet “below expectations” and post-ApSeed classes only had 20% below expectations, that’s a huge win.  We want to replace “below” with “above” expectations!

We have several clients excited about the Spring scoring season.  The teachers already know how their students will score because they see it every day.  Heck, in our visits to classes we can see the levels of proficiency by watching their selection of applications and how the children navigate the programs.

Here’s a couple of recent highlights:

Our superstars in Queensbridge Housing have added another Head Start (Far Rockaway) and are receiving another 780 Seedling touchpads for next year’s class.  Dr. Dawn White is awaiting the Spring TSG assessments and plans to author an appeal for public funding.  Currently, Queens is being sponsored by Global Contact Services for their program.

A County in South Carolina has seen fantastic improvements in their Pre-K students since starting with ApSeed.  They have ordered more touchpads to achieve “market saturation” for their four-year old students.

Our very own, Rep. Harry Warren has renewed his quest for NC public funding.  He’s working hard to involve the NC Department of Public Instruction in his appeal.  With Rep. Warren at the helm, I like our chances.

More later.  Enjoy the candid shots on our website.  No assessments in the summer, so relax test free.



In 2019, a County in South Carolina heard about ApSeed from a fellow School District. Immediately, they contacted us when only 9% of their four-year-old children were deemed “Kindergarten-ready.” They successfully raised funds to purchase 199 ApSeed Seedling Touchpads and began following the ApSeed process of usage, monitoring, and measurement.

In less than a year, their four-year-old’s showed significant improvement in kindergarten-readiness.  They also showed higher performance compared to children WITHOUT the ApSeed program.

The Charts below represent four Pre-K schools by their initials. Performance improved by over 100% from 2021 to 2022. ApSeed investment from them was $62,700 for 418 ApSeed Seedlings.

They began with the ApSeed program Summer 2021. During the Summer months the children’s scores increased tremendously, see Chart 1 below. The 4k children who continued to use our Seedlings and were tested in Winter 2022 showed encouraging results, see Chart 2. The results showed 4k children who used the Seedling were more ready for kindergarten than any other children the district.


Greg Alcorn

Greg Alcorn