Union County Impresses Again

June 22, 2022   ●   by Shelby Mohammad

As the 2021-2022 school year comes to an end we are as excited as the children. We gain data from the Spring/End of Year Assessments and the children burst through the school doors ready for Summer.

Dr. Ozzie Reynolds, our AMAZING volunteer, traveled the scenic route to South Carolina. He visited Ms. Rhonda Hollingsworth, Coordinator of Elementary Education for Union County Schools, to discuss the findings of the year’s data and distribute Seedlings.

Union County School’s 2022 Pre-K who had Seedlings scored on average 75% on emerging readiness, while all 4K children had an average of only 41% emerging readiness.

Ozzie also met with Union County First Steps director Ms. Nicole Glenn. First Steps has two programs, Parents as Teachers and Childcare Training, every child has a Seedling.

The Parents as Teachers program are low-income families with no access to educational materials. Therefore, the Seedling is used at home with their child to prepare for kindergarten. The Childcare Training program is run by the teachers at centers. The teachers help prepare the child for kindergarten using the Seedling.

Our Seedings are made for dual audiences. That is what makes First Steps so great, parent-child relationship and teacher-child relationship.

Our Seedlings are introducing and teaching COLORS, SHAPES, LETTERS, AND NUMBERS. Our goal is to keep these children age proficient, so they will be grade proficient.

Shelby Mohammad

Shelby Mohammad