ApSeed hires Executive Director to lead growth

March 1, 2023   ●   by ApSeed

Press Release for immediate distribution – March 1, 2023

After six years of steady growth, ApSeed has announced its first, full-time Executive Director. Dr. Julie Morrow joins ApSeed to lead expansion in ten North Carolina counties. ApSeed received non-recurring state funding to pilot its unique early childhood model in these counties.

“We are ecstatic to have Dr. Morrow join ApSeed” said founder, Greg Alcorn. “She is a Swiss army knife with experience and success in multiple education programs across the state.” As Executive Director, Morrow will be responsible for adding over 10,000 children to the ApSeed model in the next two years.

“I’ve watched and admired ApSeed since it was just a concept,” said Morrow. “Early childhood education is my passion. So, helping three- and four-year-olds prepare for kindergarten is right up my alley. I am honored and ready to do my part in expanding our model.”

Besides day-to-day operations, Morrow will also help with fund-raising, grant writing, and relationship building with legislators. Dr. Morrow recently retired from Rowan-Salisbury Schools (RSS). “She’s a proven leader”, says Dr. Lynn Moody. Moody, retired RSS Superintendent, worked closely with Dr. Morrow on several innovative programs, including the Renewal model.

ApSeed has distributed and managed over 15,000 touchpads in North and South Carolina, New York City and Zimbabwe. The Seedling provides applications to teach letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.

Dr. Morrow begins immediately and will report to Alcorn.