ApSeed outlines what children should be able to do for kindergarten

August 7, 2023   ●   by ApSeed

Going to kindergarten? Along with Seedling devices, the ApSeed program distributes materials that include this list of things children should be able to do as they enter kindergarten. Children are ready for kindergarten if they are 5 years old on or before Aug. 31, the information sheet says. “Every child learns skills at a different pace. If your child is able to do most of the items on this page, they will be well prepared for kindergarten.”

Reading, Writing and language
• Speak in complete sentences
• Communicate needs and wants
• Respond to questions
• Understand and follow directions
• Share personal information
• Recognize most letters of the alphabet
• Know that letters make sounds
• Match some sounds to letters
• Recognize their name in print
• Retell simple stories
• Listen to a simple story and answer questions
• Identify at least 30 objects like car, table, shoe, etc.
• Know how to hold a book.

Health and physical
• Use the bathroom, dress and eat independently
• Trace simple letters and shapes
• Hold pencil/crayon with fingers
• Hold and use pre-k scissors
• Run, hop, skip, catch, throw

• Build with blocks
• Sort by colors, size and shapes
• Name basic shapes
• Identify numbers 1-10
• Count from 1-20
• Identify basic colors
• Compare objects: more/less, larger/smaller
• Trace or copy some numbers
• Count objects up to 10
• Understand positions (in, out, beside, under, behind, between)

Social and Emotional
• Tell others about themselves
• Follow directions with two or more steps
• Listen to someone talk for at least 10 minutes
• Clean up and put away materials
• Work independently
• Ask for help when needed
• Share and take turns with others