Wait, wait, don’t tell me. Another record set.

March 22, 2024   ●   by Greg Alcorn

We have a huge, regional waiting list for ApSeed Touchpads. Double our current distribution. That’s a record.

Speaking of records and milestones. Here are ten more:

We are now over 26,000 children served or in process.

Direct feedback from parents/families is energizing!!

  • 96% use the ApSeed Pre-K Touchpad.
  • 94% say it helps their child learn.
  • 100% would recommend ApSeed to other families. Wow!!

Parents are telling legislators “ApSeed is a Priority”!!

For outreach, we have over 100 locations in NC/SC, New York and more. Continued expansion!

Just ordered 7,000 more touchpads. That’s a record commitment.

Our newest touchpad version is five (5) times faster. Another record.

It also has greater resolution and super sensitive touch response. Record.

Our pipeline of Foundation applications and WINS is the highest ever.

We are barnstorming the Carolinas to showcase ApSeed to public and private funders. Every visit has been a heartwarming success.

We are in the middle of a “longitudinal” study and expect awesome results.

There you go. Pretty good list of records, right?

Our principles remain the same – Simple, Scalable and Sustainable. The ApSeed Touchpad stands alone – no WiFi, no camera, no flashlight.

Fourteen (14) games with dozens of learning levels. Laser-focused on teaching letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. Keep it Simple.

Our business approach provides tools for serving any number of children, anywhere. 7,000 or 70,000 – we can handle it. Scalable.

We are canvassing the Foundation world for early education advocates. And we are “working the aisles” for renewed and recurring State funding. Sustainable.

Wait, Wait, don’t tell me is a radio quiz show. Hopefully ApSeed can be an answer to one of their questions. Like “What Pre-K focused, non-profit is making a huge difference in learning outcomes?”

More later.

Greg Alcorn

Greg Alcorn