ApSeed Update: Foresight is 20/20

December 20, 2019   ●   by Greg Alcorn

Foresight is 20/20.

Yes, the cliché is “hindsight is 20/20”, but ApSeed is clearly looking forward.  We’ve gained wisdom in 2019 and see 2020 racing toward us.  Here’s why:

·         Our latest Seedling touchpad version is better.  No longer must the user toggle to the child profile.  We have upgraded some apps and added “baby games” to the suite.

·         Foundation support.  So far, every county has an angel investor(s).  Each child receives a free Seedling for three years with unlimited replacement.

·         Public Funding.  We are NOT receiving public funding, BUT public leaders are watching us.  Our Pre-K model is not in the K-12 education budget.  So, we need to look elsewhere.  Any and all suggestions are welcomed.  For ApSeed to exponentially expand, public funding will greatly accelerate the process.  We hope to earn public funding soon.

·         Results are favorable.  The Davie County results are fantastic.  Fort Mill is our poster child for testimonials and Chester County is hungry to receive more Seedlings.  Yadkin County is starting now and has great support.  Rowan-Salisbury is in their renewal phase, so we’re establishing a baseline here.  Our relationship in New York City is off to a terrific start.

·         Communities in Schools is a new partner and will micro-manage three Pre-K programs in Rowan.  Catawba College’s Dr. Sheila Brownlow will be following for research.

·         Future expansion is, well, expanding.  We are in preliminary talks with Rowland, NC and Ashe County to start our program.

·         Our shipment of 3,000 touchpads and protective cases have arrived.  We hope the 25% tariffs will be lifted soon.  Especially for non-profits!!

·         Our super-duper assembly team at RVO have streamlined their process and reduced our assembly cost by 50%!

The future looks bright for ApSeed Early Childhood Education.  Next year, our goals include delivering 10,000 Seedlings into new and existing partners and collecting more evidence of value.  Moving the needle on Kindergarten-ready pass rates is our first BHAG.  The year 2020 should be a good year for that measure.

We’re in a hurry to make a generational change.  It’s a race!!  And we want every child to win!

BHAG = Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal

Greg Alcorn

Greg Alcorn